The complements of Isabel Sanchis in the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018

Zapatos de iIsabel Sanchis para la pasarela de la Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week
Diseño de la firma, complemento
Pendientes de la Nueva Colección

The accessories created by our firm Isabel Sanchis are varied and accompany each of the dresses in the New Collection O / I 2018/2019 in a different way. It is not surprising that each day the brand personality itself is imposed on the catwalks, especially those of high fashion. Everything that is original ends up making a difference.

cinturón fajín negro

In Isabel Sanchis we break standards and mix modern elements. The wealth lies in elements such as accessories or the volumes of each of them.

The great creative work and the study and search of new materials and concepts, has led to earrings, belts (some made with “futuristic” materials such as plastic) and footwear, for which the classic “accessories” label has remained little.

In the following video-report by Paula Maiques and Isabel Sanchis they tell us about the importance, elaboration and creation of the complements of this collection, presented at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018.

The great creative work, the study and the search for new materials and concepts, has given rise to earrings, belts and footwear, for which the classic “accessories”  has become too small.
From Isabel Sanchis we have introduced geometric elements and visual games throughout the collection.
Among the complements we find the pearl earrings that reinforce the geometric elements, because they are round and diminish in size according to the position of each pearl. As for the plastic belts, they have been created with new materials, which has given a “futuristic” touch as we mentioned before. Also to introduce a handcrafted part, we have developed metal belts with the logo of the firm.
From Isabel Sanchis we work to create a different fashion concept. For making a difference and for creating a trend. We believe in our sensual, elegant and feminine line, and we want to reinforce it with all the complements that meticulously studied match our philosophy.

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